Relaunch of Prometheus Journal

The Present…

2024 has been a year defined by the brutality of modern capitalism. The genocide in Gaza, alongside the resurgence of reactionary forces and remilitarisation in continental Europe, paints a dire picture. In Britain, the working class is being annihilated by a cost of living crisis overseen by an utterly inept ruling class. Globally, ecological catastrophe and working-class misery are exploited by the capitalist class to feed their insatiable greed for more and more accumulation. The only path out of this nightmare is through the international working class organising for political action.

The Tasks of the Working Class

We believe that the working class has a historic mission: to raise the red banner of communism and win the battle for democracy. This mission necessitates a struggle for political power as a class. This struggle stretches from democratising the workers’ movement by struggling against its state-loyalist labour bureaucracy to breaking apart the existing undemocratic capitalist state and replacing it with a social republic. Full democracy also means economic democracy. That means achieving the democratic ownership of the means of production: a free association among producers. We also believe that communists need to organise as communists.

Communism is simply the merger of the worker movement with socialist theory. Each, on its own, has only produced failures: without socialist theory, the worker movement inevitably capitulates to sectoral economism and Labourism. Without the worker movement, socialists self-destruct into political apathy and isolation. They can only become a weapon against the social Hell of capital and its domination with their merger. Therefore, we need a political organisation that can articulate the demands of different struggles and provide the space for discussion, political education, and coordination of revolutionary socialist strategy under the agreement of a shared political programme. We also need organisations that can contest political power with the capitalist class and its state and ultimately overthrow global imperialism.

The Vacuum of the British Far-Left

Historically, this was the role of the mass socialist and communist parties of the first three Internationals. In much of the world, those parties have left a vacuum. In Britain, this vacuum is currently inhabited by a highly fragmented far left. On the one hand, countless bureaucratic centralist groups exist under the delusion that their own “party” and their specific theory are the sole inheritors of revolutionary Marxist politics. Their undemocratic leadership has thrived in a culture of “defence of the sect” that only enables constant gendered violence and systematic chauvinism, especially towards trans people. Their bureaucratic centralist structures only lead to more suppression of internal democracy and more abuses and, alongside their sectarian politics, can only lead to an endless cycle of splits stifling any potential for mass communist politics. While some of these groups may attract an increasingly politicised youth, they offer limited hope given the challenges we face.

On the other hand, there are wider layers of comrades who might sympathise with revolutionary politics but do not organise as communists—they are active only as individuals in local or single-issue campaigns, trade unions, NGOs, and other groups. They liquidate themselves into simply kowtowing the latest iteration of endless movementism until they burn out and leave revolutionary politics. Clearly, none of these approaches is working. We must fight for principled programmatic unity that can offer an alternative to the theoretical “unity” of sect-building and strategylessness of movementism.

In Britain, a superabundance of organisations claim to offer the solution. Yet, despite having pursued their suggested strategies for many decades, they have not filled that vacuum of revolutionary class politics. None of us can claim to have all the answers on our own. Therefore, we believe that a space to discuss and debate questions of urgent communist strategy and regroupment is necessary. While there have been such attempts historically, they have yet to bear fruits. Different communist groups within the British far left still remain siloed and are either unable or unwilling to enter into productive dialogue with each other.

Our Task

Upon learning of Zeus’ plan to eradicate humanity, the titan Prometheus saved them with two gifts: fire, which they used to master many arts, and hope. His story teaches us that tyranny and domination are neither unassailable nor eternal. We hope this Prometheus can be the spark needed to rekindle the British communist movement. Prometheus aims to discuss ideas and debates from across our movement so that all existing communist factions can engage productively with one another and develop programmatic communist politics. We welcome all comrades to contribute and facilitate the creation of a mass communist party worthy of its name.