Podcast: The Death of the Left?

Episode 3 with Lucy Parker and Efraim Carlebach (Platypus London)

Episode 3 with Lucy Parker and Efraim Carlebach of The Platypus Affiliated Society in London.

Welcome to the third episode of our podcast, the first in an irregular podcast from Prometheus, a new journal focused on the discussion of ideas and the debates from across our movement and society to collectively find a way forward. In this episode members of Prometheus’ Editorial Board sat down with Platypus members Lucy Parker and Efraim Carlebach to discuss all things Labour, Marxism and the death of the Left.  

Platypus organises reading groups, journalism and public panels investigating tasks and problems inherited from the Old (20s-30s), New (60s-70s), post-political (80s-90s) and Millennial (00s-10s) Left for the possibility of emancipatory politics today. They have chapters around the world, and in the UK are based on campuses in Manchester, Oxford, Goldsmiths and the London School of Economics. If you would like to join any of their regular activities or find out more you can visit the website platypus1917.org or contact the Facebook page PlatypusLSESU. The Platypus Review is published monthly and open to submissions. Platypus’ podcast, Shit Platypus Says, is available on Soundcloud and Apple podcasts.