Podcast: Care, Covid and Workers’ Control

Episode 2 with Imogen Woods & Ali Treacher

Welcome to the second episode of our new podcast, an irregular podcast from the irregular Marxists of Prometheus, a new journal focused on finding a way forward for the Left through open debate, re-examining our traditions and histories and confronting capitalism as it exists today.

This episode was recorded two weeks ago with two comrades who are at the coal face of organising during the Covid-19 pandemic. In this episode Prometheus Editors Chris Strafford and Imogen Woods are joined by a stalwart of the Manchester Left, Ali Treacher, she is a care worker for a national mental health service provider and organises with the new Anti-Capitalist Resistance group. Ali’s most recent article ‘Sympathy Won’t Win Us Better Conditions: Dispatch from the Frontlines of Care’ is essential reading for those seeking to understand what is happening and what is at stake in social care today. Imogen works for a national union tirelessly organising care workers across the North West of England and her most recent article Eric Blanc “Red State Revolt”‘  builds on some of the themes from her widely read and commended article ‘The Social Care Factory: The conditions that led to the Covid-19 crisis in Social Care’.